Hotmail trying to be Gmail?

Today I logged into Hotmail and da ra~ I see the changes on Hotmail interface. I know Microsoft has been updating Hotmail interface for a while now but it seems like they just don’t get it. Something about Hotmail interface — just doesn’t seem intuitive and easy to use. Menu always seems to be so unorganized, located in wrong places and what’s with automatic logging into MSN messenger when I log into Hotmail now? It logged me out of my standalone MSN messenger – arghh!

This was pretty annoying if you ask me. Hotmail try to have similar feature like Gmail where you log into Gmail and you are logged onto GTalk. But really… MSN messenger started as a stand alone application long long time ago and doesn’t everyone log onto MSN separately from checking their Hotmail account? And most MSN users — don’t we launch MSN messenger and login first thing when we start our machine?

You can tell how this small thing Microsoft did annoyed me to no end as I kept getting logged off from my MSN as I log into my Hotmail account to check my emails once in a while. Why is it so hard to also find “logout” functionality? Does it even exist? In order to log out from embedded messenger on my Hotmail account, I had to log back into my stand alone messenger – haha!

Microsoft, whose idea was this one? It was certainly NOT MY IDEA!

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