I am a complainer.

I am a complainer.
I don’t have a big dream.
I am unsure what I would like to do with my life.
I don’t have such ambitions or desire to be that “successful” person as how our society defines.

But how I am is what drives me to think hard and creatively to find solutions for my complains, to have an open mind and live life with a glass half full perspective, to try different things to figure out what I like, and to enjoy small things in life every day that matters to me and define success in my own term.

So I don’t think there is anything wrong for being a complainer, or not having a big dream, or not having a clear answer for what I would like to do with my life.

Remember, try not to make hasty judgments based on your own rules and how things appear on surface. When you have an open and curious mind, and try looking at things from different angles, you will always discover new insights and be able to learn different perspectives that you weren’t able to see before.

Sarah in Amsterdam, NetherlandSarah, exploring a cathedral in Bruges Sarah exploring Bruges, Belgium Sarah in Bruges, Belgium Sarah in the oldest pub in Bruges

These are some pictures from my recent trip to Bruges in Belgium. I enjoy traveling. You can see new things, experience different cultures, food, and learn about new way of living and human history that I never knew before. And at the same time, it reminds me how lucky I am to call Toronto home. ❤

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The Pack, Jake and his Friends

Most recent digital painting I did for a friend.
The Pack, Jake and Friends
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My Attitude, My Life, My Rules

I wrote a little poem on my subway ride today. It’s about my attitude, my life and my rules!

Do your best,
Pursue your dream,
Have your voice,
Work honestly,
Take care yourself,
Be considerate,
Live with an open mind,
Enjoy life.

Do your best.
Its ok not to be on top, but
Its not ok to stop trying.

Pursue your dream.
Its ok to negotiate with the reality, but
Its not ok to just settle.

Have your voice.
Its ok to be quiet, but
Its not ok to stop expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Work honestly.
Its ok to hide your weakness, but
Its not ok to mislead and blame your failure on others.

Take care yourself.
Its ok to sacrifice for others, but
Its not ok to lose and hurt yourself along the way.

Be considerate.
Its ok to hibernate, but
Its not ok to ignore and hurt feelings of those around you.

Live with an open mind.
Its ok to be opinionated, but
Its not ok to stop listening and acknowledging differences.

Enjoy life.
Appreciate Now and Today,
Later and Tomorrow may never come.


My Lovely Friend’s Portrait by Me

Digital painting I did few years ago for my friend, Renu. ❤

Early 2000, cute gif icons

It was early 2000 when I first created my own website and hosted it on *Geocities* — All hand coded htmls with gif thumbnails I manually created using Photoshop for the paintings that I scanned and uploaded. Woah, sounds so manual and time consuming! While I was cleaning up some files on my old mac, found these animated gif images I created. I think having a customized gif image banner for personal website was “cool” back then. 😉

KoreaBanner ChewyBanner
shoeBanner1 SeoHoiBanner

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Digital Painting: Old Man

I took a Digital Painting course with Bobby Chiu while ago at Seneca College @ York University. He is truly one of the most inspiring artist I’ve ever met! This is one of the painting I worked on while taking his class.
Old man

Hot in Toronto

Hope you are all enjoying this hot weather! Happy Summer!
Hot Comic
Source: http://www.alles-ausm-kopf.de/

Hammy Little Greedy!

Gom-Soon: Can I have some more peanuts, plz?
Me: C’mon, you little greedy creature! I see you already got two in your cheeks. 😉
Gom Soon Hamster