Scaddabush, Toronto

My new favourite Italian restaurant in Downtown Toronto!

Today I tried the following dishes and they were delicious!

  • Freshly made MOZZARELLA with extra-virgin olive oil, focaccia crostini, San Marzano tomato jam, sea salt
  • STRAIGHT UP Stuffed MEATBALL on focaccia crostini, cheese sauce, garlic chips, fresh basil
  • GOAT CHEESE & BEET – Spinach, baby arugula, Belgian endive, pickled red onions, pears, walnuts, dried cranberries, citrus vinaigrette
  • CHOCOLATE PANNA COTTAI – Lindt chocolate, yogurt, Madagascar vanilla, balsamic strawberries, fresh whipped cream served with almond biscotti

Scaddabush, Toronto
Scaddabush, Toronto
Scaddabush, Toronto

Check out their full menu at
Twitter @Scaddabush #Toronto #Scaddabush

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