My Boys…?! Ha!

Found this old artwork I did when I was young. Yes, I made this when I was really *young*. LOL Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise…? Hmmm Hmmm Not that there is anything wrong with them but image of my *ideal* man certainly has changed LOTS over the years. I still like Leonard though. This gave me a good laugh tonight. ❤
My Boys?! Ha!

2 thoughts on “My Boys…?! Ha!

  1. ” HooRAY!!!” I was surfing around the internet looking at artwork. I saw this and it immediately brought a smile. Drew me to investigate your site. It is a coincidence because I was just sharing with someone my recollections of drawing when I was a wee tot of a boy, I painted a piece of construction paper BRIGHT YELLOW because I pissed that I did not get to play with a red firetruck!
    Fond memories indeed. Thank for this post!


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