Let’s build more Bee Hotels!

A bee hotel is a sustainable resting space for solitary pollinator bees, which make up over 90% of the bee population. For more information, visit http://www.burtsbees.ca/w/wild-bees/bee-hotels.html. These photos were taken at Edwards Garden in Toronto.
Bee Hotel, Edwards Garden
Bee Hotel, Edwards Garden

Let’s grow! Yay to organic food.

Planted various type of peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, herbs in the garden this year. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow~!! #Love #Organic #Gardening #Herbs #Veges #Summer
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Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

Sun is out and shining. Perfect weather for me to do some gardening. What’s your plan for the day? Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

My Balcony Garden

First time trying to grow beans and herbs in my condo balcony! Quite easy to do actually – all you need is a pot, soil and seeds, water…. and of course Sun!  It’s been little over a month since I planted the seeds. Look at those beans, cilantro and spinaches now! Yum.
Balcony Garden

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