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Maple Syrup Festivalย (March 5-April 3, 2016) at Bruce Mill Conservation, Stouffville, Ontario.
Maple Syrup Festival, Bruce Mill
Maple Syrup Festival, Bruce Mill
Maple Syrup Festival, Bruce Mill
Maple Syrup Shots
Collecting Maple Leafs Syrup


Frozen window, Winter, Canada

So beautiful to look at when I am inside,
Yet I wish them goneย when I am outside. ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas….

from Niagara Falls in Canada.
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

We Shall Not Forget

Remembrance Day, Canada
Remembrance Day, Canada
Remembrance day… We honour those who have given their lives serving Canadians and helping people of other nations.
#RemebranceDay #Canada #November11 #LestWeForget #WeRemember #Sunrise

Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick, Canada

What a beautiful place in East Coast of Canada!ย
Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick, Canada
Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick, Canada
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Whale watching, checked off from my bucket list

Went to Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy area for Whale watching. What a beautiful, magnificent creatures in the ocean! Here is one of theย video I recorded and uploaded to YouTube, I got so close to them. Amazing! Few still shots from my trip as well.

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Rock Balancing @ CNE

I see this guy balancing Rocks every year at CNE, so amazing. How this works?!
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