Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant, Toronto

Lobsters Lobsters Lobsters! It’s a bit pricey (~50$ per person) but if you love lobsters, you should try this restaurant at least once. They take reservation for 6 pm and 8:30 pm every day for dinner. Only take cash or debit so be prepared. 😉
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
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Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House, Chicago

Had a dinner with friends at Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House in Chicago last weekend. This restaurant has decent reviews on Trip Advisor, so I went there with a bit of high expectation that the food will be great. I must say that the restaurant indeed has a fun atmosphere, friendly and knowledgable servers (One thing that happened to us though – one of the server we had broke glass right on our table as they were putting it down – strange how that happened). However, I wouldn’t rate their food 5 stars…maybe 3 at the most. I’ve ordered one of their signature dish ‘Crab stuffed Lobster with Lemon butter’ and Lobster meat was tough as it was overcooked and very hard to take meat out of shell which made everything all messy to eat. Another their signature dish ‘Filet Mignon (USDA Gibsons Prime Angus Beef)’ was also overcooked, not as juicy & tasty as the steak we had the night before at GrandLux Cafe for 1/3 of the price. For dessert though, we ordered a creme brûlée and it was the biggest creme brûlée that I’ve ever seen. 8 of us were able to share generously and it was actually quite delicious – creamy and had the perfect level of sweetness. Will I return to this place if I visit Chicago again in the future? Probably not.
Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House, ChicagoHugo's Frog Bar & Fish House, Chicago
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