Kim Bap . Com Toronto (aka

This restaurant is a hidden gem in North York, Toronto. It’s located at 5 Northtown Way, North York, Toronto. A small place with about 6 tables (nothing fancy) but you can certainly get delicious, authentic Korean food at a decent price. It’s one of those restaurants that Koreans will go to get Korean food! Their specialities are Korean rolls called ‘Kim-Bap’, definitely a must try dish if you haven’t tried them before. Dishes shown below are Tuna roll, Beef rib cabbage soup ‘Woo-Guh-Ji-Tang’ and Stir fried spicy pork dish called ‘Jae-Yook-Bok-Eum’. Delish!
Kim Bap . Com
Kim Bap . Com Kim Bap . Com

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