What “Agile” means to me

I was introduced to the terminology back in 2009. The team I was part of adopted agile practices and followed Scrum process for delivering quality web applications. Process made sense and we delivered great results every month (developed and released new production ready functionalities that addressed our clients’ needs). Since then I had countless conversation around “Agile” with many people in various positions and here is my two cents on what “Agile” means to me in a simplest form.


It’s about finding ways to reduce the distance between the point (A) & (B). Along the way we build great relationship by working closely together towards common goals, and as a result we deliver values to our clients.

Continuous learning and collaboration to find ways to quickly adopt to ever changing environment, and deliver quality results that satisfies our clients’ needs in the shortest time possible.

Make sense? ๐Ÿ™‚ What does “Agile” means to you? I would love to hear from you, please leave me your thoughts in comments box below.

If you would like to check out my full presentation on Agile Principles and Scrum, please check out my previous posting on Agile Principles & Scrum Framework (version 5.0).

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Agile Principles & Scrum Framework (version 5.0)

Wondering what Scrum is all about? Check out my presentation!
Agile Project management, Scrum

Agile: Scrum (version 3.0)

Presentation I’ve used when I spoke at Ryerson University today on Agile project management: Scrum. Check it out!
Agile Project Management: Scrum

Agile methodology: Scrum (version 2.0)

Speaking at Ryerson University tomorrow on Agile methodology Scrum. I revampedย the first presentation I created about a year ago and made it available on Prezi now. Check it out!
Agile Project Management: Scrum
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Scrum 101

I was recently asked to guest lecture at Ryerson University for Agile methodology: Scrum and here is the presentation I put together and used for an hour lecture.

Scrum 101 Presentation

If you find it useful and would like to use it, feel free to do so but it would be great if you could please drop me a line and let me know.

Scrum Cloud

I created this tag cloud for a presentation “Scrum 101” that I am putting together.
Scrum Cloud