We Shall Not Forget

Remembrance Day, Canada
Remembrance Day, Canada
Remembrance day… We honour those who have given their lives serving Canadians and helping people of other nations.
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Castle rocks!

Visited to my high school ‘Trafalgar Castle‘ for 140th alumnae reunion today. #Awesome #TrafalgarCastle #GoodTime
Trafalgar Castle School

BBQ season is finally here in Toronto!

Yay, finally Sun is out and bbq season is hereย in #Toronto! YES, I am a carnivore. Let’s have a bbq! ^^; #Summer #Fun #BBQSeason
BBQ Season, Toronto
BBQ Season, Toronto

My Attitude, My Life, My Rules

I wrote a little poem on my subway ride today. It’s about my attitude, my life and my rules!

Do your best,
Pursue your dream,
Have your voice,
Work honestly,
Take care yourself,
Be considerate,
Live with an open mind,
Enjoy life.

Do your best.
Its ok not to be on top, but
Its not ok to stop trying.

Pursue your dream.
Its ok to negotiate with the reality, but
Its not ok to just settle.

Have your voice.
Its ok to be quiet, but
Its not ok to stop expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Work honestly.
Its ok to hide your weakness, but
Its not ok to mislead and blame your failure on others.

Take care yourself.
Its ok to sacrifice for others, but
Its not ok to lose and hurt yourself along the way.

Be considerate.
Its ok to hibernate, but
Its not ok to ignore and hurt feelings of those around you.

Live with an open mind.
Its ok to be opinionated, but
Its not ok to stop listening and acknowledging differences.

Enjoy life.
Appreciate Now and Today,
Later and Tomorrow may never come.


Be home for Christmas

Are you getting ready for Christmas? I certainly am! Be good everyone, Santa Claus is coming to town. โค
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Sunset and Sky over Toronto

Did you see this beautiful sky yesterday over Toronto? It was simply stunning!
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